Grown and dried professionally, this leaf is strong in nicotine content meaning you get the most out of your tobacco tea's and powders.


One hand full in one litre of boiling water for 20 minutes will extract the bulk of the nicotine. Then add a teaspoon or so of dishwashing liquid, add 19 litres of water and you have a fantastic natural insecticide/pesticide suitable for killing mites, ticks and fleas on your pets/stock. Tobacco tea also kills fruit fly and animal lice.

You can also simply put the raw leaf into a blender and break it down to a powder and sprinkle it over pets with ticks, mites and/or fleas, simply add some talcum powder at a 50/50 rate and blend it together with your leaf and you have a dry powder solution. Check our blog for more uses.



1lb of Quality Organic American Virginia Gold Tobacco Leaf

  • All leaf comes packaged in waterproof plastic sealed bags and is professionally dried/cured for the purpose of long term storage. This leaf should be stored in an area where children cannot gain access. This leaf type is 100% gauranteed Organic American Virginia Gold Tobacco Leaf and of the best quality in the world in our opinion.

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