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Garden centipedes, spiders, peach tree borers and aphids

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Known Beneficial Uses For Tobacco & Nicotine

Gardening Tobacco is a great insect repellent for the kitchen garden.  By simply soaking as little as a cigarette amount of tobacco in a quart of water and allowing it to soak overnight, the nicotine released in the water will create an all purpose insect repellent. Aphid Control – Aphids are a real nuisance if allowed to thrive on garden plants.  Here’s a handy tip to rid your garden of them for good!

  •  Prepare a mixture of 1 cup. powdered garlic

  • 1 c. compost

  • 1 c. tobacco (organic preferably)

Blend this mixture into the soil around the base of your aphid infested plants.

Peach Tree Borers – Sprinkling tobacco dust around peach trees will deter the dreaded peach tree borer from infesting your tree.

Garden Centipede – These litter guys will eat your young plants up in no time, so get rid of them with this simple solution:

Drench the soil with a mixture of water, garlic and tobacco. Caution: This is a very foul smelling, but potent combination.

Spiders – Although garden spiders are always welcome in my garden, it’s cousins are not allowed!  To rid your yard of spiders:

Boil 1 gallon of water and drop a package of chewing tobacco into the water and allow to cool. Once cooled, strain the solution and use it as a spray around the yard and in the cracks of your home.

Disclaimer: Virginia Enterprises in no way endorses medicinal use of tobacco as referenced online on the full document if researched, in any online/offline documents or herbal remedy websites or books, we promote insecticide and pesticide.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on August 27th, 2010

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