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kills & deters fleas, miners, Cluster flies, flies, thrips, aphids, mites plus many other pests & insects

please note: not to be used on humans, animals or edible produce plants






Important customer update

Virginia Gold Tobacco New Zealand is legally permitted to import tobacco leaf into New Zealand for its alternative purposes as a pesticide and insecticide.

We have new quality stock in the country now, approved customers are able to order now, full payment is required upon purchase.


We are working closely with New Zealand Customs to ensure people do not evade excise taxes or commit illicit trade crimes.

All customers must now provide the following information and become approved purchasers in order to purchase un-manufactured tobacco leaf from us effective immediately;

1. Photo Identification

2. Physical Address and contact phone number/s

3. Written confirmation of the actual use of the product purchased and the way you make the end product, be it for scientific studies, commercial, educational, industrial and/home remedy uses/purposes such as pesticide and insecticide.

Please email the above identification and usage information to;

colin@virginiagold.co.nz or text Colin on 0212891928

Virginia Gold Tobacco will keep detailed files on all customers as required under the terms of our importation permit, those breaking the law will be banned from purchasing and the detailed information will be available for New Zealand Customs to act on accordingly.

New Zealand Customs will be given this information on a regular basis.


Virginia Gold Tobacco NZ source and supply what we consider to be the best quality Virginia Gold Tobacco Leaf in the world for the New Zealand market solely for alternative purposes. 


We pride ourselves in ensuring you get your orders in tact on time every time.​

We ship all orders using NZPost's tracked courier services.

Please note: We do not sell or promote products for smoking.

Please note: Extracts not to be used on edible produce of any kind or animals. 

Attention: Please also read the Return & Refund Policy in the product pages, admin fee's of $50.00 + GST will be charged to unapproved purchasers who have not submitted the required information prior to purchasing and who are then declined approval to purchase.

Disclaimer: Virginia Enterprises in no way endorses medicinal use of tobacco as referenced online in many publications/websites globally, in any online/offline documents or herbal remedy websites or books, we promote insecticide and pesticide.


100% Authentic Virginia Gold & Burley Tobacco

 Grown in and imported

from USA

Professionally Packaged and Waterproofed

whitefly on leaf

Nicotine powders & teas are a natural alternative for ridding gardens of aphids, white fly and other pests and also helps deal with infestations of fleas, ticks, flies & mites in kennels, coops, sheds and other areas.

Not to be used on humans, animals or edible produce plants in accordance with MPI rules in New Zealand.



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